Tourney of Stahleck

Ultra Pro European Team Championship

The Tourney of Stahleck is a great community effort, and contributions to the prize pool of the tournaments are always welcome. If you wish to donate prizes and become a Stahleck Banner Bearer, please contact

In return for your contribution, we will proudly display your logo/banner on this site and link to your website.

Official Sites

US Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games - in english
French Publisher: Edge Entertainment - in french
German Publisher: Heidelberger Spieleverlag - in german

Discussion Fora

AGoT Cards - in english
Cardgamedb - in english
Le forum communautaire fran├žais - in french
Il trono di spade Italia - in italian
Heidelberger Forum - in german
Guardia de la Noche - in spanish

Deckbuilding Sites

Thronesdb - in english
Der Deckbauer - in german and english
Cardgamedb Deckbuilder - in english