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Tourney of Stahleck

The Tourney of Stahleck is the world's biggest A Game of Thrones LCG tournament. Players from all over Europe and beyond meet at Castle Stahleck at the heart of Germany to compete over three days in different tournament formats and celebrate the Only Game That Matters.

“Nothing fucks you harder than time.”

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you all that Stahleck 2020, The World Championship, has been cancelled.

Whilst certain restrictions have been lifted we cannot, as upstanding members of society, proceed with such an event with so many unknown factors. Therefore we have unanimously made the decision that Stahleck 2020 will not happen.

Whilst the tournament itself will not happen, we urge you all to use the weekend to meet up with your thrones family where possible. Share a drink (hygienically), laugh, and remember the friendships forged upon The Only Game That Matters.

The battle is lost. But the war is not over. 2021 is coming. And we will be waiting.


Stahleck 2020 will be held on 19-22 of November 2020 is cancelled.


Castle Stahleck in Bacharach am Rhein, some 50 km south of Koblenz and 50 km west of Mainz.

Some events, mainly the preliminary rounds of the Joust and Melee tournaments, will take place in the town hall, next to the train station.

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If you don't stay at the castle, you can look for accomodation on websites like, or

How to get there

By car:
Driving on the German Highway A61, you take the exit named "Rheinboellen". From there you go on in direction to Bacharach. You reach Castle Stahleck via Bacharach-Steeg. There are many parking slots next to the castle.

By train:
Bacharach lies on the railway track Mainz - Koblenz. Walking from the station in Bacharach to the castle takes about 20 minutes.
Details on connections you can find on the website of the German Railway Service.

By plane:
There are several big airports close by: Köln/Bonn (CGN), Düsseldorf (DUS), Frankfurt (FRA) and Frankfurt/Hahn (HHN). The train connection to Bacharach from any of these should be decent.

  • Köln/Bonn: about 3 hours starting at €29.
  • Düsseldorf: about 3 and a half hours starting at €36.
  • Frankfurt: about 1 hour starting at €18.
  • Frankfurt/Hahn is closest (about 35 km) but without direct train connection. If you are a bunch of players its best to take a taxi (for about €70). Otherwise be prepared for a quite long trip with bus&train.

Road to Stahleck

The Road to Stahleck European Circuit is a series of large international community-organized tournaments that leads up to the Tourney of Stahleck in November.

Tournament City Date Link
Vaes Bulghar Sofia 23-24 February Facebook Page
Le Tournoi de la Main Paris 20-21 April Homepage
Dockside Brothel Days Utrecht 11-12 May Facebook Page
KublaCon San Francisco 25 May Facebok Page
Varberg Morghulis Varberg 7-9 June Facebook Page
Battle for Blackwater Bay London 13-14 July Facebook Page
Massacre at Hardhome Cleveland TBA TBA
Fleabottom Fracas Warsaw 29-30 June Facebook Page
Siege of Meereen Bangkok 7-8 September Facebook Page
Siege of Winterfell Glasgow 11-13 October TBA
Tourney of Stahleck Bacharach 21-24 November You already found it!