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On this page you can find the latest announcements regarding this years Tourney of Stahleck and anything related.

Participation prizes

Released: 17.09.2022

Greetings Friends of Stahleck! We want to give you some more information on the participation prizes for this year's tournament, the "proxy issue" and everything that depends to these topics.

First, we decided to give every participant of this year's Stahleck one full playset of printed cards from all the card designs done by G.O.T. That means: All cards from Redesigns, Forgotten Heroes, Jade Sea, Hear My Words, For the Realm, Bran the Builder. 3 copies of every card, in total 660 cards. We know that some of you already own all these cards and therefore this participation prize might not be what you hoped for. To make up for that we will also try to throw in additional 20 Full Bleed Alt Art Cards from the new card sets which will be Stahleck exclusive.

The main reason for this decision is that we want to try to encourage more "offline" play of our beloved game. We believe that with more people owning physical copies of the new cards, person-to-person games will become more prominent and this will help the game in the long run. After all, at least half the fun in Thrones is traveling to foreign places and meeting up with awesome people.

Some implications that come with this decision: We will stick to our original "no proxy"-policy. With every participant receiving a full play set of all new cards, this should no longer be a problem. However, just to be precise, our definiton of which criteria the cards must meet to not count as proxies:

  • Matches the original FFG cards in dimensions, weight and paper-thickness
  • Full-color print of the original printfile provided by G.O.T.
  • Consists of one single piece of paper

Another thing is that we will need to finalize or print order very soon to get all the cards in time and for good conditions. Therefore we will need to limit the participation numbers at the end of the next week (Saturday, 24th September, 23:59 GMT+2) to make sure that every participant will receive the printed cards. Unfortunately we can not wait any longer because with this kind of cost we can not afford to order spare sets just in case there are late-joiners.

Because of this we would like to encourage you to registrate for the tourney until next Saturday if you are still not decided. The registration fee can not be refunded, however, registered participants will receive their participation prizes in any case, even if they can not show up to the tournament.

Physical card printing

Released: 04.08.2022

We are currently checking out the options to organise a print run of all the physical cards released by G.O.T. for everyone who is interested. Please fill out our short survey on this matter, if you are interested in obtaining physical copies of those cards:

Participating in the survey should not take longer than 5 minutes and would help us a lot. The survey is not binding in any way and will be open until August 18th 2022. Thank you :)

Reopening of Registration

Released: 11.07.2022

Dear all, due to the unbroken demand for more participant spots in our Joust tournament, we will reopen the registration. We have expanded the capacity for the Joust main event to 250 players now.

However, this good message comes with a small drawback: In order to make this step, we will need to change our refunding policy a bit. Therefore full refunds will only be possible until end of July. This does not apply in the event of a cancellation of the whole event in case of a severe change of the pandemic situation, in which case we will be able to refund the accommodation cost for those who stay at the Castle. After July we will not be able to refund the tourney entry fee, however, you will still receive your participation prizes in case you cannot make it to the event if you are willing to cover the shipping costs. As in previous years, the transfer of an existing registration to another player who is interested in joining the tournament will be possible at any time.