Tourney of Stahleck


To register for the Tourney of Stahleck, submit this form. But first, please read the text below carefully and make sure you understand how the registration process works. Registration is automated to a large extent, and if you miss an important step, your registration might end up being cancelled automatically. Yes, it has happened before. Yes, there was much heartbreak. No, there was nothing to be done about it.

Please note that a separate registration form must be submitted for each individual participant. It is not possible to register more than one participant in a single step.

After giving your name, nick name, last name, nationality and e-mail address, you will have to choose what tournaments you wish to participate in. Only the Joust and Mêlée tournaments have to be registered for beforehand. All side events will have on the spot registration on a first-come, first-served basis.
Next you have the option to reserve a bed at the castle.

Both registrations for tournaments as well as for a bed at the castle will add you to a waiting list if no spots are available at the time of registration.

Finally, you can choose your dietary needs. This is for the castle staff to get an estimate on what food to prepare.

After submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link where you can still make changes to your registration. If you do not follow that link within 60 minutes after submitting the registration form, your registration will be cancelled.

After your registration has been verified, you have 14 days to pay the registration fee. If you do not pay within 14 days, your registration will be cancelled.

All payments have to be made in Euro.

Please be aware, that full refunds for a cancellation of your reservation can only be given until 31.07.2023. All participation prizes can be sent to you if you are willing to cover the cost of shipping. It is also still possible to transfer your registration to another person after that date.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ below or contact Thank you!


What accomodation is available?

For accomodation, you have basically two options.
You can stay at Castle Stahleck itself, which is a hostel. Room standard is basic. Rooms have anywhere between 3 and 12 beds each. Some rooms contain shower/toilet, others use shared sanitary facilities for the whole floor. Prices are €35,- per person per night. These prices include a full board (breakfast/lunch/dinner).
The second option is to book a room in one of the hotels in Bacharach. Note that you will still need to register on this site to participate in the Joust and Mêlée tournaments.

Please consider staying at the Castle, as we can only host the tournament on the Castle grounds if we reach a minimum capacity of 140 booked beds.

The rooms available at the castle are as follows:

Where Room# Number of beds bathroom at room optional extra beds
Basement #86 4 no no
Basement #87 2 no 1
Basement #88 2 no 1
Basement #92 9 no no
Basement #93 5 yes no
Long House #123 4 yes no
Long House #124 4 yes no
Long House #125 9 yes no
Long House #221 3 yes 1
Long House #222 7 yes no
Long House #223 7 yes no
Long House #224 10 yes no
Main Building #301 2 yes 1
Main Building #302 4 no no
Main Building #303 4 no 1
Main Building #304 6 no no
Main Building #305 6 no no
Main Building #306 6 no no
Main Building #402 10 no 2
Tower House #133 8 yes 2
Tower House #134 4 yes 1
Tower House #232 9 yes 1
Tower House #233 3 yes 1
Tower House #32 8 yes 1
Tower #141 10 yes 2
Tower #241 10 yes 2
Tower #341 4 yes 1
Tower #342 4 yes 1

Optional extra beds

Some of the rooms can be equipped with extra beds, as shown in the list above. Adding an extra bed to a room is a suboptimal solution and might result in a very cramped room, therefore we decided to disable this option on default in the registration system. Also, the list above shows only the rooms where it is possible, however, the total number of available extra beds is lesser than the sum of possible spots in all rooms. If you are interested to fit an extra bed into your room (to accomodate a friend of yours for example) please contact us via email to

Double bedrooms

We have a limited number of double bedrooms available, which can not be booked with the default registration system. Please understand that these rooms are reserved for couples or persons with special needs. If you are interested in booking a 2 bed room you can contact us directly via email to (stating the reason why you need a 2 bed room).

What about food?

Some meals will be served at the town hall (Lunch on Friday and Saturday). The other meals will be served at the Castle. If you have booked a room at the castle, all meals are included in the price of the room. If you stay elsewhere, you will have to pay for your meals on site. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food will be available, please select your preference when filling out the registration form.

How can I register a group of people?

The same way you register a single person. You just have to do it several times. A separate registration form must be submitted for every single participant.
If you handle registration for several people, think carefully which e-mail address to enter in the registration form.
If you use your e-mail, you'll be the one who receives the confirmation message, as well as payment reminders and cancellation warnings, so make sure you confirm all registrations within 60 minutes of submitting the form, and remind your friends to pay within 14 days, or their registration will be cancelled automatically.
Conversely, if you use each participant's personal e-mail, make sure they confirm and pay in time.

Why did I get an email saying my registration got cancelled?

This can have one of two reasons. Either you didn't follow the link in the confirmation mail within two hours after receiving it or you didn't pay in time.

You can just register again.

How do I cancel my registration?

Just answer to the confirmation mail that was sent to you when you registered and say that you would like to cancel it.

Please note that refunds are given as follows depending on when you cancel:

  • up until 31. July: reimbursement of 100%
  • up until 1. November: reimbursement of 50%
  • anything later than that: no reimbursement

In case you haven't paid yet, you can also just wait until your registration gets cancelled automatically.

How can I change my registration?

In the confirmation mail you received when registering there was a link. Follow this link to make changes to your registration.
Do not share this link with anyone! Everybody who knows that link will be able to make changes to your registration!

How do I register for side events?

Registration for side events will be on site. There will be no additional fee for any of the side events, except for those using additional material, like draft packs, which might be charged for on site (cash only).

Where can I find the registration form?

Make sure to read this text.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes. If you register you will automatically be added to the corresponding waiting lists. If a spot opens up and you are next in queue, you will get an email informing you.

I won a Road to Stahleck event or National Championship, do I still have to register?

We have a spot in the Joust and Melee reserved for every Road to Stahleck or Nationals winner. Please contact your Road to Stahleck or Nationals TO and they will figure out the details together with Remko Looten, our Road to Stahleck coordinator.